Tiny trilobite fossil measuring 12 x 15mm is embedded into blackened silver.  14k studs hold it in place.  

Ring size- 8.25

Trilobite Seal Ring

  • This was made with sterling silver that has been darkened with a liver of sulfur solution, solid 14k studs and an authenic trilobite fossil that dates back roughly 300 million years.  No special care is needed besides soap, water and an old toothbrush. Abrasion can take the patina off the silver and may be unavoidable however this added 'layer' of wear will only enhance and add soul to the piece.  Fossils are fragile and care must be taken not to allow trilobite to face downwards and become subject to excessive wear.


As a maker, I work primarily in clay and metal.  Both materials come from the earth and are transformed by fire.  Some of the same stones I set in jewelry I use as fine ground powder in glazes. For me, there is something incredible and romantic about the idea of turning rocks and dirt into something beautiful that lasts forever. I find the skills I need for each medium complement each other.  

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